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Maybe Echo is not meant to be seen.

She is meant to see.

Without ME it's only AWESO
15 September 1982
Tend to feel the safest when I'm riding in the back seat, window wide open, music blaring with a book in hand.
I intend to have a fair amount of tattoos but have commitment issues, so it may take a while.
I've wanted forever for dragons to be real.
I'm not quite vegan but am getting there.
Will never have children. And no, I'll not change my mind on it later.
Elf watching is a passtime of mine.
One of these days, I'll find my center again.
Most of my happiness comes from putting on music and spinning around the room.
Am a Feminist, an Atheist, and hold dearly my RIGHT TO CHOOSE.
Love is love.
That's all there really is to it.

Love Is Love.


Formally known as Aintgotone and Fantasticalknot.

A damn near complete and total lurker. To be completely honest, I rarely comment thought I am trying to step that up. If you happen to friend me, or I, you, don't be surprised if I don't pop up that often.
I do happen to read all the posts though (creepy, I know, not a stalker, I swear), so I do pay attention.

That being said, friend me if you'd like, no need to ask permission. I'll more than likely friend-back when I notice or when/if you let me know.
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